I’m a freelance developer from Hamburg, Germany, and you should totally hire me. If you want to see who I have worked with, scroll down.

I wrote my first HTML page before Windows 95 was released and discovered the potential of the internet before Bill Gates did. But I didn’t stop there. Over the years, I have created websites and web applications with varying languages, frameworks and tools, I managed servers in the cloud and next door, and I worked together with many brilliant people on numerous exciting projects, commercial and open source.

I got my formal education at the RWTH Aachen and European Research Center for Information Systems Münster, where I received my Master of Science degree (graded “sehr gut”, which means “A”). During my studies, I ran a small company called FireDesign with a fellow student, so I could apply what I learned at university or otherwise. My Master thesis was about performance monitoring and tuning in the frontend, which was a quite new field when I wrote about it.

Most of the stuff I do nowadays is somehow related to Ruby on Rails, Elixir and JavaScript apps. In fact, Rails is what got me into professional web development in the first place. Today JavaScript single page apps are the state of the art of the web. I have worked with ReactJS, VueJS and Ember.js to create commercial client side web applications, mostly using Typescript. In the backend, those are supported by Rails or Elixir, using REST and GraphQL APIs.

I’d love to work with you on your applications! In the past, I have worked with these fine folks:

  • Work on several apps for the OMR festival, especially in the B2B field
  • Rails backend (API and admin interface)
  • VueJS frontend apps
  • Kubernetes on GCloud for server infrastructure
  • Create a Vue.js app to book insurances for Golfers
  • Integrate in the OIDC based single sign on
  • Integrate with the HubSpot CRM
Beiersdorf AG
  • Move the react based Skin Coach app to a better build system and architecture
  • Improve the Nivea loyalty app e.g. by adding automatic receipt clearing
  • Manage campaigns inside the Nivea loyalty app
  • Migrate CRM related services to Salesforce
  • Move all backend services to the Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Develop new test reports for desktop and mobile
  • Add interfaces with new labs
  • Improve PDF generation architecture
  • Develop several frontend apps for the OMR19 Festival
  • Rails backend (API and admin interface)
  • VueJS frontend apps
  • OpenID Connect for authentication
  • Kubernetes for server infrastructure
  • Start a new product with a remote team in Porto (Ruby on Rails/ReactJS)
  • Set up technical infrastructure and integrate into existing platform (Jenkins CI, Kubernetes deployment)
  • Hiring interviews
  • Onboarding of new employees
  • Start a new insurtech company
  • Elixir/Phoenix backend
  • ReactJS web app
  • ReactNative mobile apps for iOS/Android
  • API via GraphQL
  • Prepare landing pages for global launch.
  • Improve Rails based API
  • Improve EmberJS based UI app
  • Help the standing development team to develop a hybrid EmberJS app running on iPads
  • Support the developers with Q&A sessions (remote and onsite)
  • Onsite development to solve specific problems
  • Add new features to user profiles app implemented in Ruby on Rails.
  • Set up technical infrastructure and integrate into existing platform (Jenkins CI, Kubernetes deployment)
  • Extend existing full stack Play Framework application written in Java 1.8
SPD Hamburg
  • Write a new application for local members
  • Design, UX
  • Frontend Single Page App with EmberJS
  • Backend with Ruby on Rails
  • Infrastructure automation with Ansible
  • Extend the existing EmberJS application for the customer interface
  • Extend the existing JRuby backend
  • Software architecture
  • Prototype implementation with Ruby, Rails and AngularJS
  • Backend programming with Ruby
  • Devops automation with chef
  • 3rd party integration

If you want to get in touch, write an email to ralph@rvdh.de. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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